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EndoClot® Adhesive

EndoClot® Adhesive is a single-use medical device that consists of Adhesive Hemostatic Polymer (AHP) and an applicator to ensure accurate delivery of the powder to the lesion within the GI tract. AHP particles are hydrophilic which instantly creates a gel barrier when in contact with blood or GI fluids. AHP particles are also very adhesive to assist in maintaining the clot formation as well as sealing and protecting the wound over several days.


  • Hydrophilic and adhesive
  • Gel forming
  • Long lasting
  • Resistance to acids and bases
  • Benefits

  • Stops bleeding
  • Seals the wound
  • Reduces re-bleeding
  • Protects the mucosa
    EndoClot® Adhesive is not available for sale in the U.S.