EndoClot Plus, Inc. (EPI) is a privately held medical device company in Santa Clara, California. In collaboration with endoscopists and biomaterial scientists, EPI developed EndoClot® Polysaccharide Hemostatic System (EndoClot® PHS), a breakthrough technology to control bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract by spraying a proprietary powder directly to the wound during endoscopy.

In 2014, EndoClot Plus Co., Ltd. was established in Suzhou Industrial Park, China to manufacture the EndoClot® product lines including EndoClot® PHS, EndoClot® Adhesive and EndoClot® Submucosal Injection System.

EndoClot Plus has both clinical and biomaterial expertise and is continuously developing medical devices to meet the needs of the GI professional. The mission of EndoClot Plus is to become the leading company in creating new biomaterial therapeutic solutions for GI Endoscopy.