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Polymer Solution for hemostasis
AMP® technology is a proprietary engineering process that modifies plant starch into biocompatible, absorbable hemostatic polysaccharides.
AMP® particles have a molecular structure that rapidly absorbs water from blood, causing a high concentration of platelets, red blood cells and coagulation proteins at the bleeding site which accelerates the physiologic clotting cascade. The interaction of AMP® particles with blood rapidly produces a gelled matrix that adheres to and seals the bleeding tissue. AMP® particles are readily dissolved by saline irrigation and are degraded rapidly by human enzymes.
AMP® particles have been widely used in open surgery and proved to be safe and effective in achieving hemostasis.

EndoClot® PHS, EndoClot® Catheter and EndoClot® Air Compressor are not for sale or distribution in the U.S.